Sign! Mark Rutte & Edith Schippers: refrain from visiting the Olympic Winter Games 2014 in Sochi

I feel deeply ashamed that my country neglects the current anti-gay crackdown going on in Russia. I met the most amazing, wonderful, sweet and clever people in St. Petersburg and Murmansk. What I did and was told, was to act. In a positive way. Seek for moments and possibilities to stress the urgency of the negative and discriminative effects of Russia’s new laws. Go to Russia. And do something.

In my opinion, based on everything our Prime Minister (who is a politician, not an athlete) has told about his reasons to go (and e.g. not let human right defenders or gay-activists go in his place), I can only feel worried, mad and sad. Even though LGBT-emancipation is one of our nations priorities when it comes to foreign affairs, apparently. Uhm. It’s not. Please do.


We are going to Sochi. 'But we won't walk hand-in-hand!'
We are going to Sochi. ‘But we won’t walk hand-in-hand!’

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